White-Klump Photography

White-Klump Photography

Amanda & Danny | 04.6.2018 | Third Degree Glass Factory

"Heather and Cassidy are fabulous! We live in California and were planning our wedding in STL. We knew that we wanted a DOC to help us with coordinating vendors and figuring out some of the logistics since planning from out of state gets a bit tricky. They were incredibly helpful along the way! They met with us a few times when we were in town and really had a great understanding of what we wanted our wedding day to be. The planning forms they gave us were also super helpful. As stressful as wedding planning can be, it is so much easier when your DOC keeps reassuring you that she is there for whatever you need. Heather ran our rehearsal and helped our first time officiant out with arranging the ceremony. She helped coordinate our vendors, calm anxious family members, set up, and pack up at the end of the night. I cannot tell you how calm and stress free this made the whole day of the wedding. It was so nice that no one felt like they needed to rush to the venue to set up decor. I explained to her what I was thinking and she made sure it all got set up in a way and brought to life. It made the day so smooth not only for us but also for our family members. We were able to relax and spend time together getting ready and enjoying the day. We can’t thank her enough for making our wedding day so easy on our end and so enjoyable! The day really does fly by and having someone that you trust to handle logistics really lets you relax and soak it all in without worrying about the extra stuff." - Amanda, Bride

Brian Rickey Photography

Brian Rickey Photography

KAitlyn & arron | 09.20.2017 | Third Degree Glass Factory

"Heather and Cassidy worked flawlessly to ensure that not only our wedding day turned out perfect but that the planning process, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner went smoothly. I’m so glad that I decided to work with Event DOC because they laid out everything planning a wedding requires, asked questions, and even brought up topics that I didn’t even think about. I highly recommend Event DOC services to anyone looking for expert coordination for their next event." - Kaitlyn, Bride

Two White Doors Photography

Two White Doors Photography

KATIE & Kevin | 09.02.2017 | lumen

"We would have been lost without Cassidy Johns our Event DOC STL, not only a friend and sorority sister, she was the glue to the entire weekend! We would have been lost without our event doc Cassidy. For a personal touch, stress free, and perfectly executed, big day you need Event Doc STL!" - Katie, Bride & Sorority Sister

This beautiful and ambitious couple had quite the vision for this big day. Check out this incredible video by JMLoft Videography highlighting their fun and joyful wedding and reception. We must give a vendor shout out to Deryl Luster of Deluxe DJs and Entertainment. NEVER have we seen so many people remain on the dance floor throughout the reception!


Photo Elegance

Photo Elegance

mary & ryan | 08.04.2017 | Third Degree Glass Factory

"Cassidy was the perfect addition to our team." - Tom, Father of the Bride

Mary and Ryan had a one-of-a-kind ceremony and reception at the fun and fabulous Third Degree Glass Factory. The photos from this event tell quite a story. From banners that listed all the guest's names, to light up tambourines and rubber duckies, Mary and Ryan didn't miss a single opportunity to give their guests an unforgettable experience , while incorporating their personalities in the most perfect way.



"Cassidy was an amazing help in making sure our wedding went off without a hitch. She led our rehearsal and was my DOC the following day. She handled every detail of my reception, from greeting vendors to arranging tables and decorating to making sure the bridal party was exactly where they needed to be and when. I am positive there is so much she did that I don't even know about because she made it her top priority that I enjoy my day and let her do the rest. I am so thankful for Cassidy's hard work and professionalism. THANK YOU, Cassidy!!" -Kaelyn, Bride


Kaitlyn & Brennan | 04.15.2017 | Forest park

"Cassidy did a fabulous job helping us on the day of our wedding!! From running to get a fan to cool me down with all my layers of dress... to getting eyelash glue... helping set up our candy bar... and so much more. She was amazing! She helped make sure that everything ran smoothly so that I didn't have to deal with unnecessary stress on one of the biggest day of my life!! If anyone needs a day of wedding coordinator, Cassidy is great!!" - Kaitlyn, Bride

rachel and rob.jpg

rachel & Rob | 08.13.2016 | Neo on locust

"I've always loved everything that went into weddings. So when I got engaged, I was so excited to plan my own wedding.I thought that I did not need a day of coordinator because between my dad (my florist) and I, we could do it all ourselves. Then two weeks before my wedding my stress levels were through the roof. That's when I decided to hire Cassidy. I was nervous because she was coming in so late to the game....I was getting married in 13 days! After meeting with her for only about an hour, I could not believe the amount of stress that was instantly gone. She brought a schedule to our first meeting that included everything from timelines all the way to my vendor information. I emailed her everything I had and she compiled it together much better than my own wedding binder that I had consistently forgotten about. A few of my vendors were friends, so no contracts were involved. Just to make sure everyone was on the same page, she wrote up contracts and had many conference calls with them. Her "midnight to midnight" policy is so much more than that. She answered my texts (that I bombarded her phone with for two weeks) immediately and sent over a slew of indoor photo options when I was panicking the week of my wedding that it could rain. She even came to my rehearsal, even though my church had a coordinator, just to be an extra set of hands to make sure everything went smoothly. The morning of my wedding, not only did she stop by and drop off my favorite Starbucks drink, but she helped set up the ENTIRE reception, so my father could make it to the church to walk me down the aisle. She acted as a host at my reception, answering questions from guests and directing them where they needed to go. She completely took all the stress away from my family, my groom, and I. We were able to completely enjoy ourselves, without having to worry about our timelines. She was there to tear everything down and make sure that everything made it to the right vehicles. I never thought I would be a bride that needed a day of coordinator, but Cassidy made it feel as if she were my best friend, making sure my day was perfect. And my day was ABSOLUTELY perfect, mostly due to her. Her professionalism, knowledge, and talent helped make my wedding day the best day of my life, and I wouldn't have changed a thing." - Rachel, Bride

Rachel dad.JPG

Eric flake, father of the bride

"Best wedding coordinator I have ever worked with...and I've worked with too many to count over 30+ years of doing the florals for hundreds of weddings. Highly, HIGHLY recommend Cassidy !"