Cassidy Johns, Founder & Owner, EVENT DOC STL

My inspiration for starting a day-of coordination company came from years of working on a lean team in events management and often thinking to myself, “if only I had another me.”  While I was never able grant myself the gift of having another event professional come in and help me make a giant event a huge success, I can give that to others. Whether it be your wedding day, a corporate holiday party, nonprofit fundraiser, or a restaurant grand opening, my years of experience allow me to step-in and execute your already made plans, provide support where needed, and represent you, your day, and your vision.

For my wedding clients, my goal is to make the process as enjoyable and stress free as possible, all while meeting your budget! I understand the DIY bride and thrive on ensuring that your thoughtful details are organized and executed as you’ve envisioned. With the help of organization, my creativity and attention to detail, you will truly get to soak up the joy of your day!

For my social event clients, whether I am helping you with a bar mitzvah or an annual fundraiser it is important to me that I represent your plans, your team or your brand with the highest level of professionalism and customer service. For me, a successful event is one where guests feel excited, welcomed, and cherished. 

It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together. My favorite part of being an event coordinator is being able to combine the creative and strategic sides of business, with my genuine love for people.

Personally, I grew up in a small Illinois town just outside of St. Louis.   Now a city girl, I happily reside in the Benton Park neighborhood with an incredibly sweet and lazy Boston terrier, Henry. In my spare time you can find me… working! I am always up to something- refinishing old furniture, painting something for my walls or someone else’s, or working on some DIY project that I found on Pinterest. In addition to all things creative, I love all things social! But my favorite thing of all is travel. I am always planning my next big adventure!

Heather Chavez, Owner, EVENT DOC STL

I spent the bulk of my childhood moving around the United States; born in Chicago, lived in Seattle for the 90s (and the height of the “Grunge” movement), moved to St. Louis for high school (and if you’re from St. Louis, my answer to our city’s most famous question is “Nerinx Hall”) until it was time to make the decision of where to attend college: choose somewhere local and surrounded by the comfort of my current friends or choose somewhere completely different and jump head-first into a new adventure?

The excitement of a new adventure was too enticing for me to choose otherwise, so I moved to Alabama to begin college. I immediately joined a number of organizations that interested me, both social and philanthropic, however it was my work as the chair of the Campus Programming Board my freshman year that gave me my first major event planning experience and I’ve been hooked on the thrill of event planning ever since!

Every year my alma mater hosts an annual Mardi Gras ball for 300+ guests...and what better way to break in my newly commissioned title of chair of the Campus Programming Board than to plan that event as a freshman! I had to find and book a venue, book a band, hire a photographer, select a caterer, design invitations, and most importantly, ensure that all of our guests enjoyed themselves! The ball was a roaring success and I was drawn to planning more and more events after the stunning success of my first one. Over the course of my college years, I planned everything from sorority parties to campus-wide lunch events to invitation-only balls. I found that I excelled at thinking through the details, envisioning what I wanted the attendees to think, feel, and experience and then executing the details to guarantee every attendee had a marvelous time.

My first job after graduating from college found me planning events for college students and their parents, which was not just a natural progression, but a lot of fun! I was able to take what I had learned from planning events during my college years and expand upon those skills to make sure I walked through the entire timeline of the event, making sure I had considered every variable, and had planned far enough ahead that regardless of any bump in the road, I had a plan to overcome it! It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful way to hone my skills as a large-event planner.

When I planned my own wedding, I knew I wanted to create a memorable experience for everyone involved, but I also knew I had the ability to make it happen. I understood what was important to me and what was not, which made decisions much easier. From the biggest, most important detail, down to the smallest, seemingly insignificant detail, there is not one thing I would change about my wedding—it was perfect! I now live in South St. Louis City, near the Hill and Tower Grove Park with my fabulous husband, Joe. We spend most of our free time hosting gatherings at our house, volunteering, and traveling.

Cassidy and I met when she was working at the Delta Gamma Center and I was on the Board of Directors and serving as the Chair for the Christmas Tree Lot, one of the Delta Gamma Center’s biggest-and longest-running- fundraisers. We instantly hit it off—we had the same drive to ensure that the month-long event was a success, but more than a similar drive and desire for success, we truly complimented each other’s work styles. Cassidy has skills that I am lacking and vice-versa—she is a little more “artistic” and I am a little more “business,” or as we like to say, I’m the Class President and Cassidy is "Ms. School Spirit", which makes for the perfect partnership in Event DOC. We both knew we needed more people “like us” who not only enjoy the hustle and bustle of anticipating everything but can actually see the plans all the way through to make an event a tremendous success.